IDGE 子どものための味覚教育研究会


About IDGE

The Institut de Développement du Goût chez l’Enfant (Institute for the Taste Development of Children) researches and practices the taste education theory of Jacques Puisais in Japan in keeping with the nation’s food culture. Its mission is to develop the poly-sensorial sensitivities of young people so they can enjoy everyday eating and live better.

Katsue Ishii

Katsue Ishii, Doctor of Agriculture

Honorary Professor of Chiba University
Auditor of the Japan Society of Cookery Science
Auditor of the Japan Association of Home Economics Education
Commissioner of the Food Safety Commission of Japan (2012-2018)
President of the Japan Society of Home Economics (2016-2017)

Katsue Ishii emphasizes the importance of tasting with five senses in her lecturing on the science of taste.

Izumi Tajiri

Representative / Vice President
Izumi TAJIRI, Master of Arts

Chief of taste education programs and training projects

Izumi Tajiri diffuses and practices taste education in Japan. She develops and executes programs of taste education classes and educator programs.

Jacques Puisais

Honorary President
Jacques Puisais, Doctor of Science

Vice President of the Institut du Goût
President and Founder of the Institut Français du Goût

Jacques Puisais inaugurated his taste education courses in 1964. In 1976, he created the Institut Français du Goût to undertake multidisciplinary research into taste and food sensibility. The Institut du Goût was founded in 1999.

Sachiko Saito

Sachiko Saito, Doctor of Philosophy

Director of Saito Sachiko Taste and Smell Institute

Honorary member of JASTS (The Japanese Association for the Study of Taste and Smell)

Nobuyuki Sakai

Nobuyuki Sakai, PhD in Human Sciences, Osaka University

Associate Professor of Tohoku University

Nobuyuki Sakai researches the relationships between food and five senses from the perspectives of psycholigy and neuroscience. He specializes in the deep involvement of all five senses, not only  taste, momories and exprences in « tasting ».

Nathalie Politzer

Nathalie Politzer, Agricultural Engineer

Chief of Projects and Training Program, Institut du Goût

Nathalie Politzer trains Taste Class educators and develops a taste pedagogy for school meals.



Taste expert and adviser in professional
initiatives for the evaluation of food quality

With a background in applied biology, studying behaviours, food environments and our understanding of taste Jean-Michel introduced educational tools for the development of taste in diverse contexts. His goal is to make the act of tasting an effective tool in the domain of food and a source of enjoyment and learning in the fields of health, pedagogy and culture.

Institut du Goût

Institut du Goût

Association Nationale pour l’Education au Goût des Jeunes

Association Nationale pour l’Education au Goût des Jeunes


Seminars in France

Taste education practices in Japan



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